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What to expect from this year’s WWDC

May 30, 2018, Author: Jonesy

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, or WWDC for short, kicks of on June 4th with Apple’s Keynote address. You can tune in at Apple’s website or on Apple TV with the Apple Keynote app installed and watch the event live. Apple introduced lots of new features and ideas last year along with new tech like iPhone X and iMac Pro but expect Apple to be focused this year on refining what they already have. while iOS 11 and macOS “High Sierra” were good updates, they weren’t without their hiccups and Apple has taken note. Expect focus on improving optimization for both sides of the fence that will lay better foundation for new hardware to come.

While WWDC is focused on software, new hardware sometimes gets named dropped and even released at WWDC events. However, don’t hold your breath on new iOS devices except possible revisions or refreshed for those already out. An iPhone SE2 is possible as Apple has targeted the high end market with iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus and needs a fresh outlook on the new entry-level market. This also would be a good call for Apple to show off the manufacturing abilities they now have in India.

Augmented Reality is also a big deal and continues to be a big deal across the board of many different tech companies. Apple’s improvements to their Metal 2 software and machine learning can give them an edge and Apple will want their developers making unique experiences with these technologies that will give them an edge against competing Android devices. Developers know more money is to be made in the Apple ecosystem and while there are more Android smart devices out there, they just don’t bring on the money like Apple’s ecosystem and App Store integration.

While Apple had a separate event for education, iOS 11.4 laid the foundation for ClassKit. Apple may show an update on this software to also encourage developers to create for this ecosystem that started out strong in iPad’s early life but has lost some ground to cheaper devices these past years.

We will talk more about WWDC at our June 2018 meeting on the 9th. See you there!