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The Dark Side of the macOS

June 2, 2018, Author: Jonesy

Whoops! Apple may have hinted at new things to come to macOS by accident in one of their XCode updates via Twitter. The update on Twitter has since been pulled, likely because it breaks Apple confidential protocols, but once on the Internet – it can never truly be deleted.

While Apple introduced a dark tool bar a few years back, both macOS and iOS have never been gifted with a true dark mode unless you do voo-doo in the settings. Even with changing settings, dark mode is never truly done right and the hopes that this is one of the improvements in whatever 10.14 is going to be called is worth the wait on Monday. Dark mode can be much less straining on the eyes and professional tend to like dark modes in their Apps as it helps put the focus on the projects they are working on.

We’ll have more updates on Dark Mode in macOS and hopefully other things on Monday!