Howdy everyone. If you are reading this than the new AppleGram blog has been kicked off and is underway. The AppleGram was how our group was founded originally and over the years it was a way to distribute news in the Apple Corps of Dallas community as well as even distribute software. As with all things in technology, times change and so do formats and that is why we are kicking off our new AppleGram page as a place to write about what is going on in our North Texas community and with our Apple devices.

The goals of the new AppleGram are to still educate on new things in the Apple world, to inform about updates and security issues that need to be noted, to provide safe resources for the community to use and to help tie all of us together. If you are interested in becoming an editor or contributor to our group, please reach out. Help is always appreciated and never turned away, even if you have no experience working in blog-type software.

If you enjoy an article, we also encourage you to join this new page and comment from time to time or share your experiences.

Until then,

Editor in Chief