Apple Patch icon

Today Apple launched the following updates:

iOS 11.4 – This update for iOS devices like iPhone bring AirPlay 2 functionality to allow for playing audio to more than one devices or multi-room. Users can name or define speaker locations, add them to groups, and then stream and control playback to more than one device capable of playing the wireless audio with this new streaming protocol.

Messages in iCloud, a feature that was show off at last year’s WWDC, is finally a thing. Now messages can be synced across multiple devices logged in with iCloud. If you delete a message from one device, it removed the message from all of them. Additionally, new messages will be held on the devices that receive them and store in iCloud until loaded on other devices when necessary.

Apple also added ClassKit, a framework for educational apps to help developers and teachers when deploying apps on more than one iOS devices and making it easier for teachers to control multiple devices, drop in on a students iPad and mark the screen, and even request assignments via the device.

Adjustments were also made to 3D touch to decrease lag on certain devices and to allow Siri to control audio content on Apple TV. Other performance and security improvements have also been made.

tvOS 11.4 – Brings AirPlay 2, as mentioned above, to Apple TV.

watchOS 4.3.1 – Alerts users that some apps will not be supported in future version of watchOS. Developers have long been warned of changed coming to how watchOS Apps need to be properly programed. Apple now uses a new software development kit for watchOS 4.

That’s it for now. No word if we may see a macOS update before WWDC goes live on June 4th.