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Apple Corps of Dallas

Taylor and his FileMaker SIG
Our Special Interest Groups

Our body contains people of many diverse interest and so therefore we break up at our meetings into Special Interest Groups, or SIGs for short. Below are our currently meeting SIGs and their timeframes. We sometimes add new SIGs depending on what the group wishes to learn more about.

The App SIG

9AM to 10AM

The App SIG focuses on Apps and the software that runs on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. We explore the settings and the basics on how to use the devices in general.

Additonally we also talk about Apps for specific purposes, how they work, how they compare to others in a wide variety of subjects from navigation, security, and even games. Members of this SIG are encouraged to bring questions as well as share some of the apps they have discovered that thay feel may be relevant to others in the group.

The Vision SIG

9AM to 10AM

The Vision SIG is about sharing and growing. Our goal is to help everyone use their Apple computers, tablets, and phones to share life experiences with friends and family. Each meeting we discuss the latest techniques used to turn video, photography, and images into exciting sharable time capsules of life. Our members share their knowledge and techniques, together we all learn from each other.

Previous meetings we have learned how to:
1. Turn pet photographs into talking movies
2. Drones capabilities and laws
3. Create time lapse video
4. Take great portraits
5. Easily turn photographs into video
6. Create a website in 30 minutes
7. Turn a photographs into a painting
8. Enhance & retouch photographs
9. Create sharable PDF booklets
10. Discover inexpensive software
11. Turn old photographs into usable digital archives
12. Create sharable animated GIF

The Mac SIG

11:15AM – 12:15PM

The Mac SIG may be one of our longest running SIGs and covers the topics of hardware and software on macOS devices in the Apple family like iMac and Macbook Pro. Because you can do just about anything on the Mac, this group’s topics can be wide and varied but we welcome questions on subjects like Office, Utility Programs, and others.

Some past items we have discussed:

1. Antivirus software and Macs
2. Editing video quickly with QuickTime
3. Making your own ringtones for iPhone
4. Installing a new battery in MacBook and MacBook Pro
5. Virtually running old software
6. Tips and Tricks with Apple Preview
7. Backing up a Mac with Time Machine
8. Upgrading an older Mac
9. Working with wireless networks
10. Converting DVDs for playback in iTunes and other programs
11. Working with iWork applications
12. Making a bootable macOS drive

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