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The Dark Side of the macOS

Whoops! Apple may have hinted at new things to come to macOS by accident in one of their XCode updates via Twitter. The update on Twitter has since been pulled, likely because it breaks Apple confidential protocols, but once on the Internet – it can never truly be deleted. While Apple introduced a dark tool […]

What to expect from this year’s WWDC

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, or WWDC for short, kicks of on June 4th with Apple’s Keynote address. You can tune in at Apple’s website or on Apple TV with the Apple Keynote app installed and watch the event live. Apple introduced lots of new features and ideas last year along with new tech like […]

iOS, Apple TV, and Apple Watch Updates

Today Apple launched the following updates: iOS 11.4 – This update for iOS devices like iPhone bring AirPlay 2 functionality to allow for playing audio to more than one devices or multi-room. Users can name or define speaker locations, add them to groups, and then stream and control playback to more than one device capable […]

Howdy World!

Howdy everyone. If you are reading this than the new AppleGram blog has been kicked off and is underway. The AppleGram was how our group was founded originally and over the years it was a way to distribute news in the Apple Corps of Dallas community as well as even distribute software. As with all […]

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