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Christmas party time!  We finally get to have our annual party again in person at the Carrollton Josey Ranch Lake Library.  Shirley Dunbar will be bringing some light food (cookies, donuts, etc) and we plan to have coffee and hot chocolate as well.  Richard Lynch will be bringing some of the old Apple hardware from his collection to show off like he used to do in the Richardson Civic Center days.  We do not have a dedicated speaker this month so the whole time from 10 to 1pm will be used for our party.  The AI and Mac Help Desk SIGs will resume in January.

The library opens at 10 am and we will need a little setup time, so most people should plan to be there at 10:30 for the festivities.  If you want to bring something to show off, we will have plenty of tables and space available in the large meeting room we’ve been using.  If you can arrive at 10 to setup and be ready at 10:30 that would be perfect.  We will have a hot mic for people that want to talk a little about what they’ve done or acquired in the past year that is Apple related.

We will also be having a members-only drawing for freebies so if your ACD membership has expired, please email Taylor Sharpe or use the buttons below to renew your membership before Dec 9.  We have some nice items to give away this year including a HomePod Mini, an Apple TV 4K, and a Mac Mini (M2) with 16GB RAM and a 256GB hard drive.

Please join us Saturday, Dec 9 at 10:30 am at the Carrollton Josey Ranch Lake library branch (1700 Keller Springs Rd, Carrollton) in the main meeting room at the front of the library on the left after you enter.  We will have Zoom available again for joining virtually, although we’ll have to see how useful that is with the Christmas party format.  Better to come in person!

*** Stay Healthy & Safe. In-person Meetings Are Resuming at the Carrollton Josey Ranch Lake library).***

Typical Meeting Times (unless superceded by the summary above):
10:00 AM - Library opens.

Special Interest Groups
AI:  10 to 11AM
Mac Help Desk:  Noon to 1PM

Main Meeting
11AM to Noon
- Note: a Board Meeting happens first only if this is a Quarterly

Dru Richman Memorial

Our friend and long-time member and presenter Dru Richman passed away Jan 28, 2023 from injuries sustained in an auto accident on New Year’s Day. See his and Ava's Facebook page for updates. Here is an ACD memorial page for Dru.

For All Us “Techies"

Lawrence Jenkins gave a great talk on LumaFusion and Synology at our July 2022 virtual meeting (see Recorded Presentations above).

Taylor Sharpe made some excellent additional comments about Synology devices, for those considering purchasing, which can be read here. (Thanks to Ray Thompson for keeping us all informed!)

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Once A Month Meetings

Our Apple User Group meets once a month, usually the second Saturday. We usually have new topics to talk about each month, guest speakers and presenters, and other helpful insights.

A Note From the President

At The Apple Corps of Dallas we are always learning, teaching and sharing! Bring your questions and share them with the group. There are no wrong questions. Feel free to share your digital problems. Someone in the group usually has the answer. If we are not able to answer the questions during this session, unanswered questions carry over to future meetings.

Some of our past diverse topics have covered Health & the Apple Watch, creating a “Hackintosh”, Video Editing and Sharing, Photo Techniques, iCloud, FileMaker Pro, Creating Exciting Keynote Presentations, and Drones.

About Us

The Apple Corps of Dallas

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The Apple Corps of Dallas (ACD) is the oldest Apple Computer User Group still in operation, established in January of 1978.

Our members are primarily from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. Our aim is to provide you with the latest information on your Apple device, to offer help in solving problems, to present forums for discussion, and to provide insight on the ever expanding world of technology.

Don’t have a Mac? No problem! We also assist users who have iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. In fact, owning an Apple product is not even necessary to be a member.

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Meet New People

Apple Users come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and expertise.

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Find people who work with different programs professionally and learn from their techniques and resources.

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